On Campus

Vacation Bible School is coming soon!

Science needs:  index cards, pack of 10 markers, 20 oz. clear plastic glasses, Q-tips,  food coloring, pie tins, AA batteries, copper wire (not insulated), small neodymium magnets, heavy duty AL foil, 2 liter bottles of diet soda, rolls of mentos, sand toy trucks, strips of velcro, snow cone cones, and caps of 2L soda bottles. Donations can be dropped off at the office marked VBS. 

Craft needs: fabric pins, small shells and small twigs.

Snack needs:  10  oz. bags of mini marshmallows, 18 oz. rice crispies, 15 oz bottles of caramel sauce, instant vanilla pudding, graham crackers, goldfish and pretzels.

Volunteers for VBS

Volunteers are needed for science and crafts. Come hang out with our awesome kids July 23rd-July 27th. Contact Michelle Heath, Director of Children's Ministry at michelle@gspc.org.