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A Pixelated Life

Yesterday afternoon our Student Ministries Director Werner Ramirez, Student Ministries Intern Nicole Eggers and a number of high school students traveled up the hill to Summer Camp at Forest Home. This year's theme for Summer Camp is "A Pixelated Life": an experience designed to challenge, encourage, refresh and empower its guests.

The entire program is designed to engage groups and individuals on multiple levels. Biblical, relevant teaching challenges our guests to discover what it means to follow this ancient way of Christianity in the constantly changing cultural contexts we find ourselves in. This week will set the stage for engaging conversations, life-changing moments, fun-filled days and lasting memories for our students and leaders. 


Please pray that God will guide our students and leaders in taking an up close look at David, a man after God’s own heart, by examining the pixels of David’s story comprising the larger picture of his life.

Pray that as they discover the dark pixels of his humanity they will also see the steady, vibrant pixels of God’s presence and calling throughout his life.

Pray that God would guide our students and leaders as they will reflect on the picture of their lives, examining the individual pixels making up who they are and how they live.

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