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After Thoughts | Jonah 1.4-6

This weekend we continued our teaching series on the Book of Jonah. After hearing the message, here are some questions from our small group study guide to help you and your family reflect on Jonah 1.4-6:

  1. What types of things does our culture view as “great”? How about you? Is there anything you can think of that’s even “greater” and beyond comprehension? (It’s a “Sunday School answer,” I know, but very important for us to reflect on, don’t you think?)
  2. Why have you sought to “outrun” God before? How did you feel when you realized He was one step ahead of you? Why did you feel that way?
  3. Are there ways God has used others – even non-Christians! – to challenge or encourage your faith? How did He do so? What was the result?
  4. How have the “rough seas” of life revealed where your faith is? Are there times you’ve even thanked God for difficulties because it drew you deeper into relationship with Him?
  5. Are there ways you need to “wake up”? Read and reflect on Ephesians 5.1-20 for the Apostle Paul’s understanding of what it means to be “awake.”

If you're interested in thinking a little more about "counterfeit gods," check out this excerpt from a teaching by Rob Bell, entitled "The Gods Aren't Angry." After viewing it, think about the one question Abraham asks at the end of the story: "Then why do you bow down to them?"

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