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After Thoughts | Jonah 2.1-10

This weekend we engaged Jonah's prayer from inside the belly of the giant fish. Here are some questions from the week's study guide to help you further engage with and respond to God's word:

  1. How have you been “provided” a new perspective before? How has it changed your actions as a result?
  2. How has God used other people in your life? Have you acknowledged your thankfulness to Him for doing so?
  3. What types of setting helps you pray most effectively? Certain times of the day? A particular place? Special texts from the Scriptures? Other words that God has used from songs, books, movies, etc.?
  4. How could you best declare “Salvation comes from the LORD” to those with whom you work? Go to school? Live with? Have you done so? How could you be best equipped to do so?

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