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e-Bulletin | Sunday, May 15th


Hi friends,

Here's this week's e-Bulletin! As always, it can also be sent to your inbox or picked up Sunday morning in the Sanctuary or Zirbel Hall and during the week in the front office.

A wonderful idea was brought to my attention recently by a couple members of our congregation: Why not include prayer requests in this document as well, instead of only in the printed bulletins? A truly great idea, indeed - especially for those weeks when you might be unable to gather in worship.

While I and other members of our staff were initially very excited to include prayer requests in our e-Bulletin, ultimately, we have decided that doing so might compromise the confidentiality of some requests, especially since it is our desire to send these via mass e-mail and post them on our website.

That said, Ellie, our secretary (who brilliantly keeps everything together!), offered to e-mail you a copy of the week's bulletin if you'd like to keep up with prayer requests. Simply contact her at or 562/493.2553 x200.

If you do, be sure to thank her for the amazing work she's doing on these e-Bulletins too!

See you Sunday!

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Please add my email address to your list for the weekly bulletin. Thank you!

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