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Good Shepherd Goes Mobile!

Greetings friends,

Our friends at Church Plant Media, who designed and host our home on the web, recently updated our content management system (fancy terminology for "innerworkings of a website") to include a mobile version of our website!

How cool is that!?

Maybe you're thinking, "Cool, yes. But necessary?"

I hear you! But first, know this: It's free! Secondly, around 300 million people in the United States have a cellular telephone, and a little more than half of those are "smartphones," meaning 150 million are able to load websites like ours from the palm of their hand.

And this is vitally important - and yes, even necessary - for us, and other churches like ours, to utilize such technology! As we seek to connect with God, grow in faith and serve in love, we want our online presence to reflect what people experience when they gather here on campus: the warm welcome of a family of faith!

Whether it's on a computer or a smartphone, we pray that God will (continue to) use this website to draw us and our neighbors into relationship with Him and one another. 

So, if you've got a smartphone, click onto our website to check it out! Or, scroll through these screenshots:

Mobile 3 Mobile 1
Mobile 12 Mobile 2
Mobile 11 Mobile 13
 Mobile 4  Mobile 7
Mobile 6 Mobile 5
Mobile 8 Mobile 10


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