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Pastor's Note | Saturday, March 1st


Phone. Text. E-mail. Voicemail. Facebook. Twitter. Skype. Instagram. YouTube.

We’ve come along way from the Pony Express!

Answer this. Respond to that. Post, tweet, like, comment.

We have so many ways of communicating. And it can all be rather dizzying, can’t it?

Sometimes, all this fast-paced, non-stop communication seems so distant from our spiritual lives. Or worse, all the posts and likes and comments can even distract us from our faith.

What if, right in the middle of logging on, you saw a blog (and not just any blog)? But a blog written by God!? This Lenten season, we are reading those very blogs: God’s blogs! Found in Revelation 2-3, written to seven churches in the Roman province of Asia, we are doing what we always do when we click onto an interesting blog: Think through the challenge it presents us and respond accordingly.

Tomorrow morning, in the first week of our Lenten series (which we’re starting a week before Lent begins - oops!), we’re reading a blog written to the church in Ephesus in Revelation 2.1-7, who had forgotten their first love. Perhaps we could say that the Ephesian Christians were great at growing and serving, but they weren’t connecting with God. As such, the Risen Christ instructs them to do three things: Remember, Repent, and Resume. Here's the study guide!

Also tomorrow morning, we will welcome and get to know Mallory Farrar, our new Student Ministries Assistant. Mallory is a graduate of Westmont College, has served at Solana Beach Presbyterian Church, and comes to us most recently from Forest Home Christian Camps, where she served for six years. Bring an extra handshake or high five for Mallory, so we can properly welcome her to the family! 

I look forward to seeing you soon,

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So thrilled about the new series - the seven letters to the churches each have something WE can learn about and grow deeper in. I've got my seatbelt fastened!

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