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Session-Approved Action Items - April 26, 2016

You may recall a new practice we've begun this year in an effort to increase trust and transparency between Good Shepherd's congregation, staff, elders and deacons. As previously noted, we will be posting here on our blog Session's monthly approved action items.

Our leadership team met on Tuesday, April 26th, and approved the following action items:

  1. Accept the missional mandate, map, and motives document.
  2. Confirm the invitation to California Baptist University’s Choir and Orchestra to perform a free concert on Sunday October 16th at 4pm in our sanctuary. A free will offering will be collected for the group’s travel expenses and we will provide a meal for the group after the concert.
  3. Having completed the New Member Orientation Class and affirming their interest to become Covenant Partners within the membership of Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church, accept the following for membership as Covenant Partners: Jenny Aeum, Gino Cavadini, Joyce Craig, Mike Deeble, Sallie Deeble, Patrick Jones, Diana Klimek, Claude John “C.J.” Klug, Mary Marsh, Niki Miller, David “Randy” Miller, Alba Powell, Sam Preston, Gina Sievert, Debbie Wilterink, Tom Wilterink.

The following action item took place during a Board of Trustees meeting on the same evening (per our by-laws, the Board of Trustees includes all elders, but not pastors):

  1. Elect Elder Eric Dicus as the vice-president of the Board of Trustees.

Please contact me at with any questions or concerns.

Pastor Curtis

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