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Session Report | Sunday, October 30th

Dear Good Shepherd Family,

If you were in worship this past Sunday you heard the report from our Session concerning a clear vision for our ministry of making disciples of Jesus Christ, serving our multi-generational congregation, and striving to reach families with children in the home.

I hope you could sense the enthusiasm from the Elders, an enthusiasm shared by your pastors, for moving toward a weekend evening worship service and the shifts in the roles of the pastors - all of which is intended to better enable us to achieve the vision.

We covet your help.

First, please pray for your leaders - pastors and elders serving on the Session. We want to know we are moving in step with the leadership of our Lord Jesus, and are clearly being guided by the Holy Spirit.

Second, during worship on Sundays November 6th and 13th we will be asking you to complete a questionnaire that will help us refine the ideas and direction that is in mind. My hope is that as many of our family of faith as possible will complete this questionnaire.

Third, we want to hear from you and appreciate your taking the time to convey what God has placed on your heart and mind. Please feel free to contact me at or 562/493.2553 x112.

Finally, let me reiterate something Kirk Brown included in his report last Sunday (by the way, you can see this presentation below). That is, the proposed changes to the primary roles of the pastors came as a recommendation from Paul, Curtis and myself. More specifically, as I prayed about the ways we pastors could be more effective and better serve Good Shepherd and our vision for reaching younger families, God communicated clearly and powerfully to me and I made the recommendations (with input from Paul and Curtis) that the Session is considering.

I am very enthused about the prospect of devoting more of my time and attention to building up some significant "infrastructures" including 1) communication inside and outside of Good Shepherd, 2) leadership development, 3) equipping and engaging in evangelism, 4) more deliberate programming for the discipleship process, 5) developing and helping teach a Pastors' Class, 6) volunteer development and recognition, and 7) developing written procedures and manuals for ministry at Good Shepherd.

Thank you for being part of this community of faith and partnering in our ministry as followers of Jesus.

With gratitude,
Pastor Jim

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