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Steps Toward Alignment

In my last blog post, Two Horses are Better than One (Or are They?), we engaged the process of alignment. You may remember the various analogies, or perhaps the graphic representation of the stages of alignment:


If you missed that post, check it out before reading on.

Through the next three years, this alignment process will engage every program and ministry at Good Shepherd, as we seek to join God in the future He has for us. And this process has already begun! By the time you read this, members of our Vision Team (consisting of myself, Elders Sue Nelson-Brown, Milt Houghton, and Roberta Ramont) have already begun meeting with Good Shepherd ministry teams to discuss their current policies and programs.

As I state, this process may take as many as three years. But one significant aspect of alignment has already been completed!

This past Tuesday, July 28th at 7pm, our Session met in the Fireside Room (in the midst of a bunch of awesome VBS stuff!). In attendance were not only the Elders elected and confirmed by our congregation, but, in addition, our full-time ministry directors:

Thea Walker, Director of Administration

Josh Higgins, Director of Student Ministries

Michelle Heath, Interim Director of Children's Ministries

Their attendance and ministry reports were a significant step toward working together as a unified team of Elders and staff members. 

To be clear, Thea, Josh and Michelle's presence at Tuesday's meeting were not as Elders, but rather as staff members. In parliamentary terms, they had "voice, but not vote." That is, they were welcome to take part in every aspect of the meeting, except voting on action items. 

I am so thankful that Thea, Josh and Michelle are serving in their respective ministries. Each of them - alongside our Elders - bring experience, enthusiasm, and commitment to our Leadership Team.

Please continue to pray for our ongoing vision process, for these conversations regarding alignment, and for our Elders and staff members who are faithfully leading us into the future God has for us!

Grace and Peace,

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