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Student Ministries at Good Shepherd


I really love my job. Every week I am privileged to lead 2 teams of volunteers who give many hours a week, all because they love Jesus and love His kids. I have an awesome office environment, working alongside Elizabeth Gilmore, whose history at Good Shepherd, education at APU, passion to see God’s kids embraced by the church and whose natural gifts and abilities shine.

I am honored to mentor and disciple teenagers, being used by God to set life trajectories in order to give them the best chance of life long faith. I am blessed to have an incredible space nicknamed theDEN, in which teenagers have a place to study the scriptures, pray together, worship their creator, have honest conversations with real friends and play, play and play together. Our congregation has a history of supporting student ministries and has continued this throughout my first year at Good Shepherd.

I love my job, but I have a secret to share with you. There is no secret to student ministries. There is no special secret to mentoring and discipling youth. There is no age-out limit when teenagers no longer want you around. Teenagers don’t care if you were picked on in high school or felt like you weren’t/aren’t cool enough. At some level every teenager feels like they aren’t cool enough, every teenager gets picked on.

Now that I think about it, I do have one secret to share with you. Not every teenager has an adult in their life who believes in them. Not every teenager has an adult in their life who will have their back no matter what, who says to them “no matter what choices you make, I’m not going to stop caring for you.”
I love my job. If you want in, there’s lots of God’s kids that could use you.

Josh Higgins

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Josh, I think your job is the most important in our Church.
I would like to help wherever I can.


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