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Students Need A Spring Break: Our Annual Mexico Trip

When spring break roll around students around the country are excited about the opportunity to relax, hit the beach, and simply hang out. Who can blame them? High School is a lot tougher than it has ever been. I’m only 10 years removed from high school and I know that classes are tougher, expectations are higher, and the pressure is stronger.

High School students today simply do not have the time to JUST BE high school students. With this collapse of space and time, spring break is a sacred time for students all over the country.

Spring break for many of the students at Good Shepherd begins the Monday after Easter, and instead of hitting the beach many of our students have decided to give up their sacred spring break to help serve alongside Pastora Maria and Iglesia Bethel in Ensenada, Mexico.

For years we have been partnering with Agua Viva Ministries and Igelsia Bethel to help with the construction of their church and ministering to the children of the community. This trip is a lot of work, but it is truly a life changing experience for us that go.

A beautiful part about this trip is that it begs us to slow down. While we work, while we sing, while we fellowship, we get an opportunity to reflect on life and our relationship with God. Yes, the students sacrifice a week of simply resting, but they gain a week of space and time with each other and with the Lord.

An Invitation to partner with us:

We do need your help to make this trip happen! We are raising $4,000 for our construction project and an extra $2,000 for logistical fees. Now, we’ll take your money if you really want to give it to us (you can sign up for donations and donation of items Saturday nights and Sunday Morning in the patio), but we also want to share this experience with you.

Therefore if you are available for dinner on March 12th, we are partnering with The Open Table ministry. We would love to serve you a Mexican dinner and chat with you about our trip! All donations for that day we’ll go towards our trip.

Also on March 23rd, we will be available to be rented - yes, to be rented! If you need some yard work done, your car washed, or even if you need help learning to use your cell phone or computer, we will be available that day to help you out. This is donation based, and all money raised will go towards our trip.

If you have any questions, please visit us at the our table during the worship gatherings. You can also contact me at or 562/493.2553 x102.

Grace and Peace to you,

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