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Study Guide | 1st John 3.11-18

Hi friends,

Have you ever been asked a loaded question? You know, that's when the person asking already has a perceived answer in mind?

This week, as we continue our Summer of Love engaging the Letter of First John, we happen upon a couple of loaded questions, with a third one referenced in the text. That third question, asked by the firstborn son of Adam and Eve, has echoed through the centuries all the way from Genesis 4: "Am I my brother's keeper?"

Cain's question is repeated by John to his church community, and this weekend, to us. Are we one another's keepers?

I hope you'll gather together in worship as we together think through what it means to love for one another as a result of God's love for us. Here is the study guide on 1st John 3.11-18.

See you soon,

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