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Study Guide | 1st John 5.5-12

Hello Good Shepherd Family and Friends,

Here’s the study guide for 1st John 5.5-12. We are nearing the end of our “Summer of Love” study of First John and I am impressed how John circles around to some of the most important themes in order to encourage the followers of Jesus to continue to be faithful and encouraged.

The first century world our spiritual ancestors found themselves in is very much like our own – polytheistic, strong pressure to conform to the political correctness of the day, people were beset by fears, threatened by economic uncertainty, and victimized by powers and authorities who exploited many. For followers of Jesus - then and now - the world was and is a challenging place to live.

John encourages his readers to stand firm knowing that their faith overcomes the forces that are opposed to God, even death itself.

It’s a great passage that encourages us to remember “The Right View Really Matters.” That’s how I have entitled the message I will present at our 9am Classical Worship gathering and the 10:45am Modern Worship gathering.

See you soon.

Pastor Jim

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