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Study Guide | Genesis 3.1-19

Hi friends,

The past two weeks we have been discussing God's good creation - and His call on us to continuing tilling, working, and cultivating the garden He created in our series, Every Good Endeavor. Perhaps all of our talk about working with joy hasn't really fit your experience, however. If, at any point, you have thought to yourself, "That's not how my work feels!" then be sure not to miss gathering for worship this weekend as we will be engaging why that is.

As is obvious by watching even a few moments of the evening news, no matter how to slice it, our world is broken, fallen, and not the way it's supposed to be. So how does that affect our work?

Here is the study guide on Genesis 3.1-19, the central text we'll be diving into at all three worship gatherings.

May the God of Grace and Peace be with you as you study His Word,

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