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Study Guide | Matthew 7.13-20 (and a Note)


As we continue through our “Summer on the Mount" we turn to a series of warnings issued by Jesus. Last week we focused on his warning about being discerning without being condemning, that is judging without being judgmental.

This week’s focus, in Matthew 7.13-20, is upon Jesus’ warning that the way to the Kingdom is a narow way through a narrow gate. It begs the question, “is Jesus the only way to know God and enter into life with God for all eternity?” His warning also compels us to conscioiusly choose to trust, follow, and be obedient to Jesus. Here is the study guide.

On another note, many of you have had the opportunity to meet Emad Samir and his family. Emad has been invited to serve at Good Shepherd as our Scholar-in-Residence. This position is to be funded by the Logos Educational Corporation headed by Dr. Bill Creasy. As of today the needed funding for this position has not beeen raised and, per our agreement with Logos, Emad is not yet able to begin serving in the role of Scholar-in-Residence. Once sufficient funding is in place he will begin.

Two requests:

First, please pray for the needed funds to be raised. Logos is responsible for the fund raising and is working on it diligently. You will find a page on the Good Shepherd website that offers more information.

Second, please embrace Emad and his family - wife Viola, son Fadhi, and daughter Jolie. Your hospitality and encouragement is welcomed and would be meaningful to them.

Thank you for your generosity, love for our Lord, and heart to honor God.

Pastor Jim

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