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Study Guide | Rooted in God's Glory

Hi friends,

We continue our Rooted series in this week's study guide and at all three worship gatherings this weekend. Glory to God Alone, or Soli Deo Gloria, as the Reformers would have said, is the final of the Reformers five solas. It makes sense, doesn't it, that after reflecting upon

God's Written Word - Scripture - as our authority,
God's Living Word - Jesus Christ - as our Savior and Lord,
God's Gift of Grace, through which He has reached out to us,
and God's Gift of Faith, by which we can respond to Him,

that we should respond by giving all Glory to God!? Indeed, Soli Deo Gloria!

It goes the other direction, too: If we don't give all glory to God, then, we won't uphold these other four solas. Instead, we'll put too much stock in ourselves:

Scripture will become just humanity's thoughts about God,
Jesus will become just another spiritual teacher,
Grace will become something that empowers us to earn our salvation,
and Faith will become something that we have by our own strength and merit.

As Pastor John Piper has stated of the glory of God,

“If you really believe this, all rivers of your thinking run toward God. If you do not, all rivers run toward man. Settling this issue is worth many nights of prayer and months of study.”

Here is our study guide on Romans 11.33-36. Blessings on your study, prayer, and preparation to worship God together this weekend!


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