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Women's Interfaith Dialogue

On April 18th, thirty women from our women's ministry and the Islamic Institute of Orange County met to promote friendship and peace building. They had lunch, talked and talked and talked.

Because they all wanted to do more than just get acquainted or reunite from the last dialog (this was the 7th dialog), they helped our quilt ministry by working on some quilts in-progress for homeless/abused women and their children.

One comment was,

I like this ... we can always find things to talk about, but I want to do something for women and children in need.

Also they heard at previous dialogs,

Thanks so much for inviting us; I thought that ALL Americans hate us.

We encourage you to take the first step... and greet a Muslim person in public when you meet him/her. (Men greeting men; women greeting women) Any kind of friendly greeting will do. We need to get over our hesitation, and any stereotype that is there.

Will you do that?... and let me know if you would like some additional training about how to start a friendship with a Muslim man or woman, or even visit a mosque. Contact me at !

Loretta Davis

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