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Get Connected

Life in Southern California can be busy. Even frantic.

But life in Jesus calls us to community in God's family, prompting us to gather in Life Groups.

What is a Life Group?

A gathering of people who “do life” together, meeting regularly to explore some aspect of Christian life, faith or discipleship, centered in a desire for spiritual growth in Christ.

Why participate?

Life Groups provide a space to meet some of the most important needs we have:

  • To know and be known
  • To find meaning and purpose
  • To give and receive friendship
  • To learn and engage with others
  • To transform more closely to the image of Christ for the sake of others
Who should join?

Everybody! Anyone is welcome to join a Life Group.

What kind of groups are there? There's a life group for everyone!

How can I get involved?

Click here or e-mail lifegroups@gspc.org