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Lead Pastor & Head of Staff Job Posting

Roadmap to GSPC's new Lead Pastor & Head of Staff

The Pastoral Nominating Committee (PNC) has trusted God's plan for us in our search for a new Lead Pastor & Head of Staff. To ensure we are working towards his plan in a productive and thorough manner, we have set up milestones in our Journey. These milestones will keep us on track in our efforts and it allows us to report back to the congregation whether or not we are hitting these milestones. In our communication we will then be able to explain why we might not have hit a milestone, and ask for prayers OR CELEBRATE with everyone when we do hit our milestones.

Latest Updates: Sunday, September 10:

On behalf of the PNC, we are here to give you another progress report on our Lead Pastor, Head of Staff search! Just a reminder I’m Julie, this is Ryan, Lucas, Marsha, Kathryn, and Chuck.

Milestone Update:


The application remains open, all job postings are still live 

We are posted on 9 Job Boards:

  1. ECO Job Board
  2. Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary 
  3. EPC’s Ministry Opportunities page 
  4. Church Staffing 
  5. Fuller Theological Seminary’s Job Board
  6. The Fellowship Community Job Board
  7. Ministry Jobs Job Board
  8. Western Theological Seminary in Holland Michigan Job Board
  9. Reformed Church in America

 We also wanted to highlight that we have added a milestone bubble for a “congregational meeting” following the candidate sermon. 

Application Update:

We have been working diligently to get through all the current candidate applications that we have received to date. As you can see from the Candidate Update graphic we are happy to report that we have received a total of 21 applications. 


  • 1 “in review” 
  • 15 “rejected” 
  • 4 “in consideration” 
  • 1 “retracted” Disclaimer: “retracted” is exactly that, we had 1 candidate remove himself from candidacy consideration.

Our process: Once we have received the applications we as individuals are going through several different criteria/rubric for each candidate including: our GSPC job posting qualifications, resume evaluations, and ECO Pastoral Search and Transition Sermon Evaluations. We then met as a group and discussed these individuals and grade them, based on this we have moved them into the “rejected” or “in consideration” sections of the process and graph. 

This past week for the “in consideration” candidates we have hosted 2 fantastic Zoom phone calls, have 1 scheduled for this coming week and are in the middle of rescheduling another.

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