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PNC Update August 13th


Welcome to the Page where the PNC will be updating the Journey as we search for who God has called to be the next Lead Pastor and Head of Staff at Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church.

Update: Sunday, August 13th:

We would again like to just like to thank the congregation. We are all honored to be on this journey to finding the individual who God has already called to be Good Shepherd’s next Lead Pastor and Head of Staff. The group is dedicated to working hard and thorough as we have seen in our first two meetings. Our first meeting was a great opportunity for each of us to get to know each other and connect on a much closer level. We have already created an incredible rapport amongst the group and in our second meeting were able to nail down some milestones for this process as well as assign leads for specific tasks as we go through this process. Here again is the PNC and the tasks that each of us has been given along with reviewing each and every candidate:

Ryan: moderator, communications with congregation and hospitality with candidate visits.

Chuck: candidate communications and negotiations

Marsha: secretary, note -taking extraordinaire

Kathryn: prayer ambassador

Lucas: prayer ambassador and website lead

Julie: hospitality coordinator to candidates and communications with congregation.

Click HERE to see what the milestones and the explanation on what they entail.

We will be stick with this rhythm of communicating with the congregation on the same items: an update on milestones and an update on our candidates and how many we have in the process.

Milestones Update:

We are happy to report that we have completed our first milestone of posting the Job Post! We have posted the job currently on Gordon Conwell Job Board, Fuller Job Board, EPC Job board, and the ECO Job Board. For the ECO job board, it takes about a week for it to post so as of Sunday, it is still not there but hope to have it posted on Monday or Tuesday.

Candidate Update:

We currently have 1 person that has submitted their application and is currently going through the vetting process that the PNC has put together.


Q: Isn’t backwards that the decision on a pastor will be made prior to their sermon to the church?

A: The congregation has entrusted the PNC in their vote that we would do our due diligence in finding the pastor that God has called to be the nest lead pastor at GSPC. The congregation will have a the final vote on the candidate with a Yes or No vote prior to the installation.