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Let's Do It Again!

Here are some unofficial statistics from our Church Family Picnic, last Sunday: People attended: 157 In-n-out burgers consumed: 196 Water balloons tossed: 98 Bounces in the bounce house: 2,742 Kids laughing: 52 Seniors laughing: 53...

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Picnics and Cartoons

Like many children I enjoyed watching the Hanna-Barbera cartoons: Scooby-Doo, Tom & Jerry, The Jetsons, The Flintstones...they were all Saturday morning favorites. (They're still rather fun to watch today, especially Tom & Jerry.)...

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5 Important Shifts Start with 1

At Tuesday evening’s Session and Staff Meeting, we reviewed a document written by ECO’s Synod Executive, Rev. Dr. Dana Allin, entitled Five Important Shifts for Our Future Development. The first shift is From ‘Clergy-Centered’ to an ‘Unleashed Laity.’...

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They Will Know Us By Our... Happiness!?

Sunday we continue our series They Will Know Us By Our Fruit, inspired by Jesus’ teaching in Luke 6: No good tree bears bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit. Each tree is recognized by its own fruit. People do not pick figs from...

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From Your Pastor's Inbox

If you think about it, e-mail is a strange communication medium. Instead of speaking with someone face to face, or talking over the telephone, where we can at least hear their voice, in e-mail, our brains think up words that our fingers type...

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Sign Up for Serve Day!

One of the ways in which we love is through action. When Jesus washed the feet of his disciples (John 13) he was setting an example for them of humble care. The Church shines in its community when it lovingly serves. On Saturday, June 3rd,...

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Because we care about you!

Our new web-based church management software, MyGoodShepherd, is really great! Like anything new—especially involving technology—there is much to learn and some inevitable kinks to work out. But......

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Inviting All People...

The mission of Good Shepherd is to “Invite all people to grow into a Christ-centered life in God’s family.” This is the clear and concise statement that describes what we are all supposed to be doing together. Easter is a vital opportunity for us to...

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Lessons From Roseto

In 1882, ten men began the arduous journey from Roseto, Italy to the New World. In Roseto, they had toiled day in and day out in a stone quarry, which prepared them for similar work when they arrived near Bangor, Pennsylvania. The next year, fifteen more...

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5 to 1

We’ve got a problem here at Good Shepherd…a big problem. We’re really good at Bible study. We’ve got years of life experience and skills that others don’t have. We party hard when others celebrate and are saddened when others grieve. We might just be...

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