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A Confession


In James 5.16 we are called to "confess our sins to each other." And, friends, I've got some confessing to do!

Let me begin by stating what may be obvious: I love my job! I am so thrilled to be able to serve the Good Shepherd congregation and Los Alamitos community. I am continually excited for all of the wonderful things happening in and through our church.

And now for the confession... My wife, Cassie, and I have neglected to give to Good Shepherd for a couple of months now! We were reminded of this problem when we received our pledge card for the upcoming 2011 calendar year. (Actually, I'd realized it a week earlier when Jack Gupton, leader of the stewardship team, asked me to print them up!)

Long story short, Cassie and I realized that other organizations we are honored to support had not missed out on a dime, since they automatically deduct our gifts from our checking account! As such, an online giving module is currently being integrated into this website!

But until that is finalized (for forgetful people like us), we have - and will continue to - grab the checkbook and give sacrificially, that we might continue the good work that God is doing in and through Good Shepherd.

Please receive my confession as just that - a confession - and not as a means of manipulation to get you to give more. If, however, in reading my admission, you realize you too missed out on giving when you meant to, join me in making a year-end gift to the work of God in and through this congregation!

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I would love to utilize the online giving module! Please post an update when it is ready for signups!

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