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A Simple Path

Tonight at an Open Table steering committee meeting, team member Leny Ambruso shared a brief excerpt from Mother Theresa's book A Simple Path that was too good not to pass on!

"In the West there is so much loneliness. Most lonely people just need someone to sit with them, be with them, smile at them, because many do not have any family left and are living alone, are shut in. So on different occasions during the year, when I was working in one of our homes in New York, we would bring these people all together for a social gathering so that they could meet others, and they really looked forward to that. We’d organize a special day for them - we’d give them a good lunch and some cakes - and just by having them come out of their homes and mix with others we brought happiness into their lives.

In our soup kitchens we provide for people who are drifters. They come for a meal, and some of them don’t eat at all. They just want to be there in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility and usually after we share a prayer or something, they leave. Most people don’t just want soup, they want contact where they are appreciated, loved, feel wanted, and find some peace in their hearts. It’s the personal touch that matters."

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