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After Thoughts | Jonah 1.11-17

This weekend we looked at Jonah 1.11-17. Here's some questions from our study guide to guide reflecting on the passage and message:

  1. Are there things you feel you have to do for God to make the seas of your life calm? What types of things do you feel like you need to do? Why?
  2. Have you ever admitted fault to someone but not to God? Why were you reticent to confess to our Heavenly Father? Read James 5.16 for his encouragement to confess to others and what we should do in response. Read Psalm 51 to see how David confessed his sin before God. Lastly, read 1st John 1.5-10 for the “beloved disciple’s” encouragement to confess to God.
  3. Have you ever wanted to “sacrifice yourself” in a way, to appease God? If so, read Hebrews 9.23-28 and remember the good news that Jesus has offered himself, once for all to do away with the need for sacrifice!
  4. How does remembering that God does not desire the sailors demise, but rather their salvation, alter your understanding of the ultimate meaning of this book?
  5. How has the LORD “provided” a surprising escape for you when you least expected it?

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