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Audio-Frequency Induction Loops

Did you know our sanctuary is equipped with a high-tech device to meet the needs of those with reduced ranges of hearing? Well, it is!

Last summer we installed “audio-frequency induction loops” - better known as a “hearing loop.” This device is a physical loop of cables placed around a designated area. The cable generates a magnetic field throughout the looped space which can be picked up by a hearing aid, Cochlear Implant processors, and/or specialized hand-held hearing loop receiver for individuals without telecoil compatible hearing aids. The benefit is that it allows music and the spoken word to be transmitted to the hearing-impaired listener directly into their hearing aids, compensating for each individual’s hearing loss.

For those interested in the new hearing loop system, we recommend that you see your audiologist to make sure that the telecoil function is programmed into your hearing aids. A telecoil is a small copper coil that is an option on most hearing aids and is built into cochlear implant processors. Telecoils were originally used to boost the magnetic
signals from the telephone handset. The telecoil is activated by a t-switch on the hearing aid or cochlear implant.

Please contact the church office if you need any assistance!


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