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Because we care about you!

Our new web-based church management software, MyGoodShepherd, is really great! Like anything new—especially involving technology—there is much to learn and some inevitable kinks to work out. But...

But we’re excited about how it can be another tool to help us live into our mission to (say it with me) Invite all people into a Christ-centered life in God’s family. (Hey, you’re really getting good at that!)

One of the things MyGoodShepherd can do is help our Membership Team track attendance. In fact, we’ve just programmed in a report to run once a month which will let us know who in our church family has been here and who has not.

Maybe that sounds a bit “Big Brother” to you. “Paul, I don’t need the church to be looking over my shoulder!” I get it.

But what if I told you we want to do this because we care about you?

It’s true that most of us for the majority of the time get along just fine in life. We’re blessed sheep contentedly grazing the good fields. But every once in a while a dark valley comes along that throws us for a loop.

When that happens it can be easier than we might think to circle the wagons and “drop out” of life—even church.

We don’t want that to happen. Part of being a family together is being there for one another in both the celebrations and challenges of life.

So…precisely because we care we are going to run this monthly report and then call anyone who pops up on the list who has not been present any of those four weeks.

If you’d like to save us some time and yourself an unnecessary phone call, simply use the Tear Off sheet on our weekly bulletin. Just write your name down, tear it off, and put it in the offering plate. Our office staff enters that information each Monday.

That simple act will let us know that at the very least you were physically present with your church family.

And, of course, each week you can use the Tear Off to request prayer or ask for someone to contact you to discuss other needs you may have.

MyGoodShepherd...running attendance reports…it’s all because we care about our church family. Thanks for helping us to better help you!

In the joy of Christ,

Pastor Paul