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Catman Returns!

It's been a year, now, since our two Flame Point Siamese kittens--Wallace and Gromit--joined our family. You'll recall, perhaps, that I am not a "pet person" by nature, and was somewhat uneasy about adding these felines to our household.

But when you're wrong, you're wrong: twelve months later finds me happy to report that I LOVE OUR CATS!

And the whole family does, too. They are curious cats with playful personalities who enjoy zooming around the house, like to cuddle up to their humans and who have a strange obsession with my feet! (Seriously, they love my giant paws.)

But, as many know, cats are their own animals. You cannot call them like you would a dog and expect them to excitedly respond. You cannot expect them to take delight in preforming tricks. (Though Grom does play a fun feline form of fetch.) You cannot expect them to wag their tails when you enter the room. 

They're cats. Not dogs.

And as much as I love these Siamese family members I acknowledge that when it comes to thinking about the spiritual life and relating with our Creator, it's better for us humans to emulate dogs.

Think about the stereotypical characteristics of each animal. Dogs are known as loyal, are generally affectionate and will usually try to please their owners. Cats, in contrast, are usually independent, can be standoffish and often view their owners as an intrusion to their napping lifestyle.

God is looking for dogs not cats.

Our relationship with our Lord should be close and affectionate--think Man's Best Friend. We should be dependent on God, recognizing our need for the peace, the strength, the comfort, and the training that God alone provides. And, like canines, we should seek to please our Master.

So...if you are a cat owner, enjoy those cats! (I sure do.) But when it comes to knowing and being known by God...be a dog.

It's the opposite of ruff. 

Pastor Paul

AKA Catman