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End of Year Financial Update

Hi friends,

You may have already received this letter in your inbox or mailbox, though we wanted to also post it here, in case Good Shepherd did not have your e-mail or physical address:

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, we need your help!

“Very Challenging” is the phrase that best describes our financial situation at Good Shepherd. Mindful of our calling to make disciples of Jesus Christ, we are facing serious short and long-term financial difficulties.

Short Term Financial Difficulties:

We are running an $83,729 deficit as we approach the end of 2010. We recognize that these are stressful and unprecedented financial times for many: job losses, decreased income. However, if you are able, please consider an additional gift to help offset this deficit.

Here’s how it could be done: There are only two more Sundays in December (and one is the day after Christmas). If each household gave an additional $200 above their normal giving for December, the deficit would be reduced if not eliminated. Some may be able to do more and others less, still it can be done!

Long Term Financial Difficulties:

The problem is an income problem, not a spending problem. While we do have some increased costs, such as insurance and facilities maintenance, we aren’t spending more; we have less available to spend. The budget Session has adopted reflects the decline in expected income and recognizes the increase in personnel benefit costs. Here are some harsh realities in the budget the Session has adopted:

  • Laying off a secretary
  • Cutting staff and staff hours reducing on-campus support 
  • Cutting pastor salary and benefits 
  • Cutting the World Mission budget by 62% (this includes eliminating funding for teachers and supplies for an entire school of 300 In Ethiopia as well as funding for orphanage health clinics in Kenya)
  • Cutting Local Mission budget by 45% 
  • Cutting funding for the ‘Open Table’ outreach by 55% 
  • Cutting the Family Ministry budget by 77%
  • Cutting all ministry team budgets 
  • Reducing Worship Service resources

Here’s how you can help:

You were recently sent a letter containing a pledge card for 2011 (if you did not receive one, you can download it here). Your pledge commitment helps the Good Shepherd leadership to budget and plan responsibly for the coming year.

Please complete and return your pledge card by December 26, 2010. They can be placed in the offering plate or emailed to our bookkeeper, Kristi Tinker, at . Anonymous pledges can be made by omitting your name from the card.

Together we can look forward to faithfully enabling people of all ages to become Jesus’ disciples and to help build the Kingdom of God by using the resources God has entrusted to our stewardship.

Yours in Christ,
The Pastors and Elders of Good Shepherd

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