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Even Better Than Bounce Houses!?


My family and I live on a quaint little street near El Dorado park. It’s common on weekends to drive by epic birthday parties and large family reunions sprawled out in the vast open space of the historic park.

My children, 4 and 7, always feel left out of playing on the massive bounce houses, asking aloud, “Why can’t we be a part of their family!? Why weren’t we invited to that birthday party!?”

For me, however, these parties recall childhood memories of large Bronzan family reunions in the warm San Joaquin Valley sun. All the classic games were played before and after a picnic lunch. Effort was made to include the smallest children and the most mature members of the family. We didn’t have bounce houses back then, but we did enjoy the water balloon toss, which always - and quickly - devolved into chaotic water balloon throwing!

Do you have similar memories of family reunions like me?

At Tuesday evening’s Session meeting, our Elders decided to host some “family reunions” of our own this summer. We’ve enjoyed something similar at our picnic a few weeks back, but this time, we’d like to bring that family reunion feeling even closer to home.

Starting Sunday, July 8th through Sunday, September 2nd, our Sunday morning worship gatherings will reflect these family reunions. During these 9 weeks, while the choir enjoys their summer break, our two worship styles will be “blended” into one style offered at both 9 and 10:45am. Each gathering will be exactly the same at each hour. Like my family reunions, it is our hope and prayer that these gatherings will allow space for the smallest children to interact with the most mature members of our church family.

To be clear: This is for 9 weeks only - a kind of short-term experiment! On Sunday, September 9th, we will return to our “regular scheduled programming” with the choir at 9 and the praise band leading at 10:45am. So, this summer, feel like sleeping in? See you at 10:45! Up early? See you at 9am!

May it be a wonderful summer of reunion throughout our church family. May it be even better than bounce houses.

Pastor Curtis

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Hooray we love the blended service. Best of both worlds!

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