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From Your Pastor's Inbox

If you think about it, e-mail is a strange communication medium.

Instead of speaking with someone face to face, or talking over the telephone, where we can at least hear their voice, in e-mail, our brains think up words that our fingers type. After pressing send, the recipient reads the words our brains thought up and our fingers typed, probably without uttering a word.

Because it is so impersonal, we can be tempted to “say” things over e-mail that we might never declare to a person’s face or even utter out loud.

And yet, after it’s invention in the early 70’s and wide-scale popular acceptance a couple decades later, e-mail has become one of the primary ways we communicate.

I’d like to share from an e-mail I recently received:

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you. You don't know me personally, but I wanted to thank you and your staff for your service, commitment and love for this community. It is making an impact. Your work is bearing fruit. So thank you! Be encouraged :)

You are making a difference. Keep it up :)

Not what you were expecting? This is one of those e-mails I’m tempted to print out, frame, and hang above my desk!

I am so thrilled to serve alongside a staff, officers, and congregation who elicits such e-mails from members of our community - people we may not even know!

It is my hope and prayer that our new series They Will Know Us By Our Fruit will help us to clarify and aim at those marks of discipleship which help us live out our mission of Inviting all people into a Christ-centered life in God’s family. Not just so I receive encouraging e-mails, but so we might fulfill the two-fold requirement of every Christian church: To glorify God and make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our Session has concluded that we best do so as we aim at these 8 marks of discipleship:

Measures PP

This week, we’re looking at the fruit of welcoming warmly. Who do you know that needs to experience the warmth of genuine hospitality?

Pastor Curtis

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