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Let's Do It Again!

Here are some unofficial statistics from our Church Family Picnic, last Sunday:

  • People attended: 157
  • In-n-out burgers consumed: 196
  • Water balloons tossed: 98
  • Bounces in the bounce house: 2,742
  • Kids laughing: 52
  • Seniors laughing: 53
  • Parents relaxed: 52
  • Smiles seen: endless!

What a great time we had together. If you were unable to be there—fear not—we have already scheduled another one! Mark your calendar for Sunday, July 9. 

Same place: Rush Park in Rossmoor. Same time: 4:00-7:00 PM. Same great In-n-out food. Same wonderful church family to bond with.

One of the great joys of the picnic was to see moms and dads and grandparents interacting with and loving on their children—and the children of others.

As we approach Father’s Day it reminds me that our Heavenly Parent delights in keeping company with us, as well. God wants to “love on us,” we who are beloved sons and daughters, adopted through Jesus.

And that connection doesn’t have to wait for the next church picnic. Turn to God today and invite God to share in your life. Welcome the adventure, loving kindness, and grace that God daily extends. You’ll be glad you did.

(But do put the next picnic date on your calendar. It’s going to be great!)

In the joy of Christ,


Pastor Paul