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Pastor's Note | Monday, December 9th


After months of study, discussion, and prayer regarding our denominational affiliation, our Session - consisting of both Pastors and Elders - are meeting this Tuesday, December 10th at 7pm to decide upon our prospective new denominational home. It is prospective because there are still a couple more steps before Good Shepherd can be released to a new denomination.

Pastor Jim spelled out the specifics well in this blog post a few weeks ago. To overly simplify this process (for the moment), a team of Good Shepherd members is currently meeting with Presbytery representatives, who - together - will agree upon a gracious separation that is fair to the church, the Presbytery, and the Denomination as a whole. Then, the congregation will vote to accept these terms before we will be tranferred to a new denominational home.

At this time, I'd like to invite you to do two things: 

First, please continue to pray:

  • Pray for the Good Shepherd members and Presbytery representatives who are meeting together to work for a gracious separation, that they might work together amicably. 

  • Pray for our pastors and elders who will decide upon a particular denominational home at their final meeting of the year this Tuesday evening. 

Second, continue to be a part of the process:

  • After each Sunday morning worship gathering, members of Good Shepherd's Congregational Representatives Team are available to hear your questions and concerns about this process.

  • A box in the Narthex invites any questions from the congregation (anonymous or otherwise), which will be answered by our congregational representatives.

  • Tuesday evening's Session meeting is open to the congregation. Pastors and Elders will meet at 7pm in the Fireside Room. You are welcome to attend! (Please note that while all members are more than welcome to attend, a Session meeting is different from a Congregational Meeting in that only Pastors and Elders - who serve as representatives of the congregation - will discuss relevant issues at hand and/or decide upon particular action items. The official terminology for this is "Voice and Vote." That is, while all are welcome, only Elders and Pastors have "voice and vote.")

Thank you for your continued prayers for Good Shepherd. 

Let every heart prepare Him room!

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I have been away for several weeks and have missed out on the discussions. Is there information as to what it is going to cost us to do this?

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