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Save the Coffee!

I’m one of those weird people who doesn’t like coffee. I like the smell but not the taste. On the rare occasion I visit a coffee shop I order tea or hot chocolate. My aversion to coffee does offer the benefit of saving money and freedom from caffeine addiction.

But most people seem to like coffee—certainly most church people. The “coffee hour” after or between services has been an institution seemingly since the apostles started founding congregations. Coffee’s the beverage of choice for friends and family catching up on life, and for strangers getting to know each other. Throw in a donut and you’ve almost got heaven on earth on a Sunday morning.

But what if there was no coffee?!?!

That’s just a hypothetical question, but it could become a reality. Due to changes in peoples’ lives, our Hospitality Team is in desperate need of volunteers to oversee the making, setting up, and serving of coffee on Sunday mornings.

This is a fun job! If I wasn’t a pastor, already running seven different directions on a Sunday morning, I would gladly sign up. It’s only a once-a-month commitment and these volunteers have the satisfaction of providing a service for which everyone is grateful. (Even me. I don’t drink the stuff, but I appreciate the concept.)

So what do you say? Become part of the team that “Saves Coffee” at Good Shepherd! Contact me and I’ll put you in touch with our wonderful Hospitality Deacon, Judy DiPiazza.

Welcoming Warmly is one of our values as a congregation. You can do that literally and figuratively by serving in this way.


Pastor Paul,

(The Uncaffeinated Clergyman)