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Start With Why

Next Saturday, August 25th, our elders are meeting for a bi-annual retreat day. We do so every January and August, and they have become two of my absolute favorite days of the entire year, not only because we have a lot of fun together, but also because I learn so much from each one of the leaders on the team.

I’ve shared in sermons about Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action. His thesis is that most organizations think too much about the what (what they’re selling, what they’re doing, etc.). Sinek argues, conversely, that the best organizations start instead with why they do what they do, then discuss how they do it, and only then engage the what.

Apple is a great example. Despite having a small fraction of U.S. computer sales, just two weeks ago Apple became the first publicly traded U.S. company to reach a $1 trillion valuation. According to Sinek, their success is because they didn’t limit themselves to being a “computer company,” but instead started with their why: “Think Differently.”

“Think Differently” has prompted them to not only make computers but the iPod, iPad, iPhone, and soon to come, an Apple Car! You see, the “why” inspired the “what.”

We have our own why: “Living into a Christ-centered life” - a calling that will draw us out of ourselves and into the fullness of God’s desires for us, individually and as a community. This lifelong journey into Christlikeness requires a three dimensional pattern. First, we look up to God in worship. Second, we live in community with others. Third, we go out in service to the world.

Up. In. Out.

How fascinating that we see this pattern even in Jesus’ own life. He modeled for us the life we are called to live. Look, for instance, at Luke 6 (verse 12 is up, 13-16 is in, and 17-19 is out!).

The retreat is next Saturday, August 25th. The following day, we’ll engage Peter’s instruction to church leaders (see 1st Peter 5.1-4). Would you pray - even now - for our time together? Pray that God would continue to equip those he has called into leadership. (Remember: He doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called)

And if you feel God’s call on your life to serve as an Elder or Deacon, contact Betty Schmicker-Black, Chair of the Nominating Team, at betty.schmicker-black@csulb.edu.

Pastor Curtis

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