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Study Guide | 1st John 4.1-6

"This is a test. This station is conducting a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. This is only a test."

Do those words sound familiar? They always seem to pop up right in the middle of your favorite television show, right? All the while you're thinking, "Okay, okay... It's a test. Let's finish up the test and get back to [insert your favorite sit-com here]!"

But tests are important, aren't they? Tests for the Emergency Broadcast System make sure we could be notified in case of a dire situation. Tests at school, on the other hand, were a dire situation!

Our study of First John this weekend and in our study guide engages a test of a different sort. In this world, filled with news and information, coming at us constantly from all directions, how do we know what to trust? How can we discern what to believe?

Blessings as you engage in study and prepare for worship this weekend! Remember: Our Classic Gathering will meet at 9am and our Modern Gathering at 10:45am, both in the Sanctuary. 

I look forward to seeing you then,

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