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Study Guide | John 6

Hi friends,

This week we begin the season of Lent, journeying toward Holy Week. If you were unable to be at our gathering for Ash Wednesday and would like to think through the beginning of Lent, click here to read through my homily, "Marble, Soap, Dust" on our blog.

This season of Lent, we are engaging a seven-week teaching series entitled Not a Fan: Becoming Completely Committed Followers of Jesus. It's my hope and prayer that this series will enable us to ask ourselves one difficult question: Am I a follower of Jesus - or only His fan?

We begin our series in John 6, among the crowds who are enthralled with Jesus' miracles! But though they enjoy sitting on the sidelines, few are ready to join in the action.

Here's the study guide. May God bless you as you dig into His Word! See you this weekend!


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