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The Presbyterian's Cabinet

Every four years, after a new president is elected, the chosen candidate gets to appoint their cabinet. This practice dates back to George Washington, America's first president, who elected five other people to serve alongside him and Vice President John Adams:

Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of State
Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of the Treasury
Henry Knox, Secretary of War
Edmund Randolph, Attorney General
Samuel Osgood, Postmaster General

Over the years the president's cabinet has grown from those original five positions to fifteen, with another seven "cabinet-level officials."

You may know that Presbyterian polity and governance inspired significant parts of America's political system, though, of course, there are differences. One key distinction is the appointment of the "cabinet." While in the American political system the president-elect appoints these leaders, in Presbyterian churches the congregation does so.

This work includes a Nominating Committee, comprised of up to 9 Covenant Partners and the Pastor, who serves on the team as ex officio (who has "voice, but no vote"). After inviting nominations from the congregation, these willing servants interview potential Elders and Deacons, then present them for election at a Congregational Meeting, which is taking place this Sunday, December 4th at 10am in Zirbel Hall. Plan to attend!

Next time you see the following folks, please thank them for serving on this year's Nominating Team:

Dan Krehbiel, Chair
Julie Varley, Vice-Chair
Darla Halker
Charlie Stahl
Barbara Kelley
Wayne Harrington

I am so pleased that as a result of your thoughtful prayer and nomination, this year's Nominating Team is bringing a "full slate" of Elders and Deacons, each presented to serve a three-year term through 2019! Those presented for election at this Sunday's meeting are:

Del Black, Elder of Spiritual Growth
Candice Cordova, Elder of Human Resources
Wendy Ketcham, Elder of Student Ministry
Jane Nethers, Deacon of Card Ministry
Chris Zato, Deacon of Courtesy Meals
Bob Wahlstrom, Deacon of Care Calling
Mary Billets, Deacon of Memorial Receptions

And thank you, congregation, for so diligently praying and nominating these willing servants who join both the staff and current "cabinet members" in leading Good Shepherd into the future God has for us, as we invite all people to grow into a Christ-centered life in His family!

Pastor Curtis

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