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The Wave

For the next two weeks the world will turn its attention to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, site of the 2016 Summer Olympics. Fans around the world will tune in to cheer on their country. Despite concerns about the Zika virus and subpar housing conditions, those in Rio will cram into stadiums and gymnasiums to root for their favorite athletes.

Maybe they’ll even do the wave.

It was October 15th, 1981 at the third game of the American League playoffs. The Oakland Athletics were hosting the New York Yankees at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. And Krazy George Henderson wanted to do something extraordinary.

He saw it in his mind’s eye before anyone else. And beating a drum, Krazy George Henderson earned the attention of those around him. He generated an energy until he created “a gesture that would start in his section and sweep successfully through the crowd in a giant, continuous wave of connected enthusiasm.”

Krazy George Henderson invented “The Wave.”

It has been written,

The Wave is an extraordinary act. All those people spread out over a vast stadium, with limited ability to connect and communicate, somehow come together in a giant cooperative act inspired by a common goal: to help the home team win. It defies language and culture, occurring regularly throughout the world… It transverses gender, income and societal status. It is a pure expression of collective passion released.

This week we continue our series I Am A Covenant Partner, thinking together about being and becoming unified members of our church. Unified church members are already active, functioning church members, a topic we engaged last week. But they are more than active - they are actively working together to achieve a common goal.

It’s a bit like The Wave.

With all our various interests and abilities and geographical locations, it feels like we’re “spread out over a vast stadium.” Going to school, commuting to work, or enjoying retirement, it seems like there are “limited ways of connecting and communicating.” And yet, aren’t we inspired – and united – by a common goal? A goal that “transverses gender, income, and societal status”!?

During our fall series in the Book of Acts (which we’re calling “To the Ends of the Earth”), our Staff and Session will begin sharing an updated Mission Statement, one which - we pray - will become “a giant cooperative act inspired by a common goal.” That we will continue to be - and even further become - united together, inviting all people to grow into a Christ-centered life in God’s family!

I hope and pray we will all be united together, inspired by this common goal. And if it ever seems like I’m beating the drum a little too loudly, just call me Krazy George Henderson.

Pastor Curtis

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