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Update on Sanctuary Carpet


I like to have a plan. What I don’t like is when reality does not quite match up with my planned expectation! I am quickly getting used to this being a part of life that I cannot control. I have found myself in a situation where my “perfect” plan has been altered.

Months ago, we suffered a flood in our narthex that spread into all the adjacent rooms, including the choir room, the bride’s room, and the sanctuary. We were able to repair the damaged walls and cabinetry throughout this space. The final step was carpet installation.

As many of you have already noticed, the carpet installation has been deemed “defective." It was not a hard battle to prove this point to the contractors involved. It is obvious. It is unacceptable. It is being remedied... as quickly as possible.

We will be installing a much higher quality carpet with a higher approval rating by consumers. With the help of the Facilities Team, we have chosen a pattern of carpet, which comes in the form of “carpet tiles." Carpet tiles have many “pros” to them. They don’t have the issues of unraveling at the seams. They can be easily replaced if necessary, for example if we find ourselves with a large stain. They carry a lifetime warranty and I have not heard any complaints at all from anyone that has switched over to carpet tiles.

I am attempting to make a plan again... keep your fingers crossed on this one! We will be placing the order for materials this week. We are expecting a wait time of approximately 2 weeks for the order to be delivered. The contractor is pushing back all the jobs he is currently working on in order to make Good Shepherd a priority! He plans to utilize as many of his installers on our site as needed to install all the carpeting inside one week. We are anticipating installation to take place in the middle of September.

Although we have hit a bump in the road, I still have a feeling of excitement! I think the new carpet will be fantastic and I feel confident you will think so too!

I would like to ask for grace and understanding for this big project at hand. I don’t like floods. I don’t like derailed plans. I do like fresh, new carpet!

Thea Walker
Director of Administration

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Thank you Thea for the explanation of the carpet situation. I was unaware there was a problem with the new carpet but am so glad that you are taking care of it.
Bless you for your hard work!
Esther Pearson

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