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After Thoughts | "Follow Me"

John Calvin, father of the Reformed tradition, once wrote that "human nature, so to speak, is a perpetual factory of idols." Now, remember, idols are inherently good things that are problematically elevated to a higher level, such that they take God's place on the throne of our lives. 

To put it another way, we're constantly looking for meaning, for value, for something to lead us and guide us. This is true for all people. People of faith (as well as people who do not subscribe to a particular belief system) are constantly on the look out for meaning, for value, and for guidance.

Perhaps this is why Jesus constantly asked people to follow Him, to physically get up and leave behind the things that provided them meaning, value, and guidance, the idols of their lives. Now, we may not physically follow Jesus today, but there are specific spiritual practices that help us follow Him, helping us find meaning, value, and guidance in Jesus. 

Last weekend we began our Lenten series Not A Fan: Becoming a Completely Committed Follower of Jesus. At our 5pm Saturday evening gathering, the song embedded below, entitled "Follow Me" by the band Muse was played during our Fellowship time. Notice the profoundly religious themes in the lyrics - and from a band that has no spiritual leanings (that I know of)! Indeed, we are all looking for meaning, value, and guidance.

In what do you seek meaning, value, and guidance outside of Jesus?

In what do members of your family, your friends and your coworkers seek meaning, value, and guidance?

As we seek, this Lenten season, to become completely committed followers of Jesus - and not just fans - are there any of those family, friends or coworkers who you'd be willing to invite to worship this weekend? Give 'em a call, send 'em an e-mail, or use our e-Invite! Let's welcome others in worship this Lent (and then take them out to dinner, breakfast or lunch afterward)!

I look forward to seeing you this weekend as we continue to be and become completely committed followers of Jesus. Until then, may you know His grace and peace,

When darkness falls and surrounds you
When you fall down, when you’re scared and you’re lost
Be brave, I'm coming to hold you now
When all your strength has gone and you feel wrong
Like your life has slipped away

Follow me, you can follow me
And I will not desert you now
When your fire’s died out, no one’s there
They have left you for dead

Follow me, you can follow me
I will keep you safe
Follow me, you can follow me
I will protect you, I won’t let them hurt
They're hurting you, no

Oh yeah, when your heart is breaking
You can follow me, you can follow me
I will always keep you safe
Follow me, you can trust in me
I will always protect you, my love
Feel my love, feel my love

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