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Study Guide | Philippians 3.12-16

Hi friends,

Despite what your favorite coffee shop says, it's not yet the Christmas season (though I'm sure their holiday blend is delicious!). We continue in our study of Philippians this week - and will do so until the week after Thanksgiving. Then, and only then, will it be time to celebrate Christmas (who knew I was so liturgical!?). 

Last week we thought together about what it means to be captured by the best thing, by Jesus himself, instead of the many good things we're surrounded by. If you weren't able to gather for worship or join with your small group to look through the study guide, I encourage you to check them out, as this week's text follows closely on their heels!

We welcome our middle school students in worship this weekend to celebrate Holy Communion and think together about how we can take hold of Him who took hold of us! Here is the study guide on Philippians 3.12-16

See you soon,

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