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Archives for December 2016

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Starting 2017 Right

The first Sunday of every month we celebrate Communion. And our worship attendance is always highest on those days - probably for that very reason. But what happens when the first Sunday of the month is the first Sunday of the year and that first Sunday...

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The Third Character

It happens in movies all the time. Two characters are engaged in some surprising conversation or activity when a third character reacts incredulously. That third character can’t believe what they’re seeing or hearing. And in so doing, they model for us - the viewer...

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The War on Christmas (Is In Our Hearts)

A juxtaposition is defined as "two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect." I’m sure there are a few in this weekend’s movie release, Rogue One, which continues the Star Wars franchise. There’s certainly one in this week’s...

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The Presbyterian's Cabinet

Every four years, after a new president is elected, the chosen candidate gets to appoint their cabinet. This practice dates back to George Washington, America's first president, who elected five other people to serve alongside him and Vice President...

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